Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were so wildly in love that the police had to intervene to prevent them from wrecking the hotel room.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were so wildly in love that the police had to intervene to prevent them from wrecking the hotel room

Quite a career has been had by Johnny Depp. Before it all came crumbling down because of an opinion piece written by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and published in the Washington Post, the Pirates of the Caribbean star had long been the king of Hollywood.

However, Depp did succeed in defeating Aquaman’s star in the highly-publicized slander trial that was held last year. His ex-girlfriend Kate Moss testified at the trial as one of the key witnesses. The two were “the pair” in their era, but their separation wasn’t intended. However, the two did do a lot together, including once demolish a hotel room.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s romance

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’s relationshipThe romance between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss was well-known. They were deeply in love. Their split was not amicable; Moss acknowledged that she wept for Depp “for years.” Even the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape actor admitted that he felt bad for being the catalyst for the couple’s eventual breakup.

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However, it still remains true that their relationship was not as stable as it first appeared to be. Their relationship was disparaged for being associated with frequent drug use. The journalist Maureen Callahan described how Moss and Depp’s relationship and lives appeared to be continuously packed with parties, alcohol, cigarettes, s*x, and excessive amounts of narcotics in her book Champagne Supernova.


A hotel room was once demolished by Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

There were some noteworthy events during their three-year relationship. But the incident that took place in a New York hotel was the most amazing. They allegedly “destroyed the room” while they were staying at the The Mark hotel. On that particular day, the suite was very noisy, which led folks to wonder what was going on there.

The rock band The Who member Roger Daltry was the one who reported the infatuated pair to the police. The 59-year-old was detained by the police after his picture wearing a wool hat and glasses went viral online. It has never been established what actually occurred.

The armadillo appeared (or a giant cockroach)

The armadillo appeared (or a giant cockroach)

For whatever occurred that day, the Edward Scissorhands actor was taken into custody. Naturally, reports about his behaviour spread like wildfire. He was, however, quick to disavow any involvement in illegal behaviour. The justifications he provided for the state of the room’s contents were alarming.

According to Johnny Depp, a misbehaving armadillo was to blame for the tragedy. Another time, he said that after chasing a cockroach, the room was completely destroyed. I suppose the truth will always be kept secret.

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