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A look at the worst hacks of 2020: SolarWinds, Twitter, Blueleaks, University Hospital Düsseldorf, Vastaamo, and Garmin

New York City Parks

New York City Parks

3 Point Slinger for Camera: The Ultimate Solution for Camera Stability

3 Point Slinger for Camera: The Ultimate Solution for Camera Stability

saltmine series yoy mauann azevedotechcrunch

Saltmine, which has developed a web-based workplace design service, raises $20M Series A after seeing 80% ARR growth and 350% YoY MAU growth in 2020

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Meta says Instagram’s VP of youth Pavni Diwanji is stepping down as part of a restructuring; Adam Mosseri will oversee youth-focused work

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House and Senate Democrats announce a $94B proposal to make broadband internet access more accessible and affordable

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Meta acquired synthetic data startup AI.Reverie in August, consolidating it into Reality Labs and terminating its US Air Force contract worth up to $950M

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AT&T and Verizon agree to delay launching upgraded 5G networks for two weeks, bowing to pressure from the FAA, airline industry, and Transportation Secretary

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Bengaluru-based Pocket FM, which offers 100K+ hours of audio series, stories, novels, podcasts, and knowledge shows in eight languages, raises a $65M Series C

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Interview with co-CEO of Jumia, whose stock is up 3,000%+ in the last year, on African e-commerce, the company’s path to profitability, and more

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Genesis raises $45M Series B led by Accel to expand its fintech-focused low-code tools to more verticals

What is a Gabapentin 100mg tablet?

What is a Gabapentin 100mg tablet?