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To help creators avoid burnout, platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok need to explore new ideas like rate limiting of posts and paid time-offs

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Internal memo: ByteDance seeks to increase China-based ad revenue from ~$28B in 2020 to $39.8B in 2021; TikTok’s Chinese twin Douyin had 610-620M DAUs in March

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Oregon-based Dutchie, which provides payment tools for cannabis dispensaries, raises a $350M Series D at a $3.75B valuation, bringing its total funding to $603M

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Savings and investing app Acorns raises a $300M Series F at a nearly $2B valuation led by TPG, six weeks after shelving its SPAC plans with Pioneer Merger Corp.

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Netflix acquires Boss Fight Entertainment, a mobile game developer with 130 employees, its third studio purchase since sharing its gaming ambitions last summer —

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Some Apple workers are seeking an investigation into the hiring of Antonio García Martínez, an ex-Facebook PM, for past statements on women and people of color

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Techmeme now publishing paid and free “Leaderboards” showing the most influential reporters around a specific news topic

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Checkr, whose tech for employment background checks is used by Uber, Airbnb, and others, raises $250M led by Durable Capital at a $4.6B valuation —

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After an investigation found 800+ Etsy listings for weapons, porn, other items violating its policies, Etsy says it’ll invest ~$40M in policy enforcement in ’21 —

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A look at the worst hacks of 2020: SolarWinds, Twitter, Blueleaks, University Hospital Düsseldorf, Vastaamo, and Garmin

New York City Parks

New York City Parks

3 Point Slinger for Camera: The Ultimate Solution for Camera Stability

3 Point Slinger for Camera: The Ultimate Solution for Camera Stability