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Techmeme now publishing paid and free “Leaderboards” showing the most influential reporters around a specific news topic

tech meme

Today Techmeme has begun publishing Topic Leaderboards, which list the top authors and publications covering topic areas such as cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, and cryptocurrency, with additional topics to come. While this information will interest reporters and editors, it will be especially useful to communications professionals who need a way to identify the reporters covering a particular technology news category, or founders and other startup employees who have the same need.

How Topic Leaderboards are ranked

These new leaderboards are ordered to highlight the most influential and prolific authors covering a specific topic area. In this way, they’re similar in format to the leaderboards we’ve offered for years, which ranked authors and publications for all Techmeme news rather than individual topics. We’re therefore calling these new lists leaderboards as well, and they now reside at the same URL.


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