Third Ethical and Sustainable Showroom

The Third Ethical and Sustainable Showroom Will Be Presented at Milan Fashion Week

The World Sustainability Organization will be hosting its third annual Ethical and Sustainable Showroom during Milan Fashion Week at the end of this month.
Sustainable clothing is becoming increasingly popular, so the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) will be holding its third sustainable clothing showroom at Milan Fashion Week from February 21st to the 27th to meet the growing demand. It also marks the opening of the WSO’s first flagship store, which will be called “Sustainable Friends.”

Gallery Showcasing Environmentally-Conscious and Ethical Products

In addition to the four Brazilian brands of Natural Cotton Colour, Trópicca, Celeste, and Demodê Ateliê, the Italian brand Camilla, the Swiss brands Chiquet Corporate Fashion and Zo Klose, and three other brands will all be showcasing their clothing and accessories at the showroom.
With this event, the fashion industry is facing mounting pressure to lessen its impact on the environment. The industry is widely regarded as a major contributor to global warming and wastewater, and it is also frequently accused of gross human rights abuses. According to the United Nations Environment Program, textile production consumes about 215,000 billion litres of water per year, and the global fashion industry is responsible for eight percent of total global emissions.

Twenty percent of the annual 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced for use in the fashion industry.

WSO has created an Ethical and Sustainable Showroom

To address these problems, WSO has created an Ethical and Sustainable Showroom to serve as “a trusted reference point for sustainably sourced, verified garments worn by models who are respected in their rights and whose work is supported and protected.”

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Putting eco-friendliness on the runway

Copenhagen Fashion Week has increased its sustainability requirements in recent years, and now requires designers to meet 18 requirements before they can show at the event. Even though designers and labels are making more sustainable efforts in their collections, fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London, and Milan have been slow to emphasise sustainability requirements.
Even the most influential fashion publication, Vogue, started fashion month with an initiative urging readers to recycle their own wardrobes. It collaborated with British Vogue columnist Amber Valletta, a model who is also an environmentalist and advocate, and a small group of Vogue editors.

WSO believes it has the potential to also contribute to progress. This year, the Showroom will host sustainability bloggers and influencers for a discussion on how to dress sustainably.

It is also holding a webinar about eco-friendly cotton production. India is the largest producer of organic cotton in the world, but a New York Times investigation revealed last year that the industry there is plagued by widespread fraud. Sustainable Fashion programme designer Naomi Enetomhe and Friend of the Earth’s science director Rreze Masha will be speaking at the event to discuss the cotton industry.

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