Calgary's app maker is expanding with a software division devoted to artificial intelligence and Web 3.0

Calgary’s app maker is expanding with a software division devoted to artificial intelligence and Web 3.0

Canada’s Sky High Media, which has been in business for 20 years, recently announced that they will be expanding their business to include a software division dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) and Web 3.0 applications. Some of these apps will aid their clients in streamlining marketing and content, while others will disrupt the established models of popular web apps on a larger scale.

The CEO and technical director of, Stephen Iervella, has this to say about artificial intelligence: “We’re truly excited with AI. The world of the future portrayed in science fiction novels, one in which robots and humans coexist, is here and now. We’re excited to be a part of the community of people who are using AI to drive the development of the next generation of web technology and applications, a field of computer science concerned with machines that can learn and interact with humans through natural language processing.

While Web 3.0, the next generation of the Internet’s use in hosting websites and applications, is still in the works, one thing is certain: it will make extensive use of the decentralised applications and blockchain-based technologies that were previously used to provide immutable ledgers for tracking business transactions. When coupled with AI and ML, the Web’s future holds many opportunities, some of which have not even been dreamed of yet.

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In the realm of digital marketing, AI opens up a wealth of exciting new opportunities. AI’s back-end applications include superior demand forecasting, data-driven ad buying, and detailed customer profiles that are impossible for humans to create. Conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to radically alter front-line customer service by providing rapid, lifelike responses to questions and thereby freeing up valuable personnel. In addition, AI can help content creators reach new heights by completing intricate tasks that would normally necessitate the efforts of multiple freelancers. The use of AI to create tailored communications and updated web and email copy increases the effectiveness of digital marketing while decreasing time spent on administrative tasks.

Sky High Media was founded to serve customers with their digital marketing needs. The company has begun to shift its focus to the use of AI in website design and online marketing in light of the realisation of the crucial role that AI will play in the future internet. Sky High Media intends to keep on the cutting edge of digital marketing, particularly in areas where AI aids in comprehending and meeting the unique requirements of each client.

Visit Sky High Media’s site or get in touch with them via phone or email to learn more about the latest happenings. Those curious can also find them on various social media platforms.

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